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Margaret Cunzio is a Westchester native who has been teaching group fitness classes for over 20 years. Margaret specializes in Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Sculpt.  In her “spare” time she also moonlights as a university professor, a county legislator and an interior volunteer firefighter. Fitness is a major part of her life that helps her - and her motto- one can be small yet mighty!

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How do you juggle being a fitness guru, firefighter, and legislator while keeping your wellness in check? Any secret tricks up your sleeve?

I have always loved to be busy and I have always been very organized and active.  I love doing different things- you never get bored. I have a schedule book that I write in using a color-coded system for my different jobs! 


Spill the beans: any quirky beauty hacks you swear by for that glowing always-in-the-spotlight firefighter-legislator glow?

Gentle cleaner, Moisturizer and Sunscreen EVERY day. I do not wear make-up, but tinted moisturizer is my go-to!


We hear you're into gluten-free living—got any deliciously fun recipes to share that keep you fueled and fabulous? Or go to restaurants on the top of your list?

Yes!  Check out the Loopy Whisk, Land and Grey Fare, Nomadic Fitzpatricks- web sites that specializes in GF and allergy friendly recipes. I also use the Find Me GF app on my phone for restaurants. Bob’s Red Mill 1-1 flour and products are my foundations for cooking- especially GF pizza crust! 


Any mindfulness practices you've tried to keep zen in the midst of it all?

I practice yoga on a daily basis.  I also do not watch TV- I read every day with my light therapy lamp and enjoy a cup of tea- that helps make everything better. 


For the busy bees out there, what's your top fun fitness tip for squeezing in a workout?

I integrate movement everywhere I can- I park farther away and walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, when I come home- shoes come off and Bala Bangles go on my ankles- I wear them around the house.  If I am traveling on a plane- I bring a short band and do leg work in my seat. 

I have a standing desk with a bosu and use my fitness tracker to help my reach my goals. 


Lastly, what's the most outrageously fun thing about being a firefighter, legislator, and fitness maven all rolled into one?

I am never bored!  I am always learning new things in each area and meeting amazing people on each field!  You would be surprised how many connections there are and how people know each other and have other roles! 





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